• Maintain Your Trees All tree owners should keep their trees in the best condition possible, not only to reduce potential accidents to the public but to try and let the tree grow in the best possible way in an ever increasing concrete habitat. Learn more about tree surgery
  • Pruning This is the oldest and most basic way of pruning standard trees. Up to 20% of the wood should be removed each year to maintain a balanced tree. Learn more about tree pruning.
  • Our ARBteam We have been trading over 30 years to the highest national standards. All our teams offer a friendly and personal approach and are happy to give advice on any tree related matter. Learn more about trusting us


Established in 1980, Richard Prowse arborists offer a vital link to a healthy tree growth and lifespan.


Although trees in forests are not usually managed, urban trees require regular inspections and work to keep them in top condition and to refuce the liklihood of any accidents from weak, diseased or dead branches.

Richard Prowse Arborists are a professional South-West based tree contracting company. Specialising in all aspects of tree work.


Here you will find all our information and services for which we have built a nationwide reputation for excellence.